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Thru Your lens | Photography workshop

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Photography training with Nick Ray and Marianne Taylor - 19th January 2015

So many people tell me that they wished they knew more about how to use their camera to its full potential. This workshop is for you If you want to know more about photography, and in particular how to make best use of your digital SLR camera. I'm running the one-day beginner course with fellow wedding photographer Marianne Taylor.

You will gain a deeper understanding of the all the technical decisions involved in taking a great photograph and how to make the most of your photographic equipment, as well as an understanding of composition, use of light and what makes a good photograph, however We don't want to overwhelm you with numbers or bore you with techy talk, instead we want to show you how to make your technical decisions based on the kind of images you dream of making. It all starts with what you want to photograph, and what you want to say with your photograph. From there, we'll discus how your settings and lens choices affect the outcome, and how you'll choose the right ones for the kind of image you want to make.

Most of the teaching will take place in a relaxed and intimate environment; this is not a stuffy classroom workshop!

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