Hi, I'm Nick

This is me on my wedding day giving my speech. Maybe a few nerves, but it seemed to go down well. Looking back it’s the real moments frozen in time that have most significance.

I grew up living around the world as the family followed my dad’s career in Europe and Asia. After studying photography at art college I followed my dream to become a photojournalist, working my way up to the The Times in London where I spent more than ten years covering assignments across far-flung destinations all over the world.

I’m now based on the edge of London where I live with my amazing wife, Camilla and our two little boys. The sunny loft at the top of the house serves as my studio and office.

The passion for photography that took me to art college is still with me now that it’s my career, as is my love of adventure from a lifetime of travelling. I have a pilot’s licence and I’ve flown all around Europe as well as some challenging adventurous bush-flying through Africa. I also love to ski and ride my mountain bike in the nearby Surrey Hills.

My Background

The experiences and assignments around the world that have shaped my work as a photojournalist and portrait photographer

On Assignment

Most of my work work is forged from real experience on assignment working as a photojournalist for The Times.

A photojournalist is dedicated to documenting reality, telling the story through photographs of real moments, real reactions and real emotions while the pressure is on and there are no second chances. This is just as true at a wedding as it is on the front line.

To me a wedding day is a story, much like an assignment for a newspaper or magazine, and I bring the same skills and experience to every wedding I photograph.