Hi, I'm Nick

This is me on my wedding day giving my speech. Maybe a few nerves, but it seemed to go down well. Looking back, it’s the real moments like this that have the most significance and meaning as the years go by.

I grew up living around the world as the family followed my dad’s career in Europe and Asia. My dream was to make my way in the world by photographing people which eventually led to The Times in London where I spent more than ten years covering assignments across far-flung destinations all over the world.

I’m based on the edge of London where I live with my amazing wife, Camilla and our two little boys. The sunny loft at the top of the house serves as my studio and office.

My passion for photography burns as strong as ever, as does my love of adventure from a lifetime of travelling. I have a pilot’s licence and I’ve flown all around Europe as well as some challenging bush-flying through Africa. I also love to ski and ride my mountain bike in the nearby Surrey Hills.

A Change of Direction

I’ve spent half my life telling stories of world events and photographing the people involved with sensitivity and compassion, from royalty and world leaders to ordinary people caught up in extraordinary moments.

Those were amazing years, but I decided to bring that chapter of my life to a close when I had children and because I had an idea to bring something different to wedding photography, not just a collection of contrived poses or staged scenes from a wedding day, but beautiful visual storytelling with depth, narrative and pace.

My passion is photographing people and documenting real life. At weddings I get to do that all the time.  Each wedding is unique, an amazing day with its story waiting to be revealed and I’m there to do what I love to do.