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I am a photojournalist, so I document genuine moments.

I worked for The Times for 15 years, based in London, and covering assignments and features in far-flung destinations alongside some of the best photographers in the world.

Most of the work as a newspaper photographer is taking portraits or documenting unfolding events, not unlike a wedding.

I love photographing people, great portraiture is about saying something more about the subject than just what they look like. I've been lucky enough to meet and photograph all sorts of people from royalty, world leaders and celebrities to many ordinary people caught up in extraordinary events. Some of my portraits have become part of the House of Commons Permanent Art Collection.

You can take a look at some of this work here.

As a photojournalist you learn to think on your feet and adapt to the situation while the pressure is on, whilst staying aware of everything going on around you. Operating the camera is second nature, all your mental effort is directed to capturing the moment, and anticipating the next one, whilst still using the best light and concentrating on composition. This is just as true on the front line as it is at a wedding.  

To me weddings are a story, just like an assignment for a newspaper or magazine, and I bring the same skills to every wedding I photograph.

I'm married to my amazing wife, Camilla. We have two little boys and we live just outside London. I love to travel and explore new places and I do like a bit of adventure. I have a pilot's licence and a plane which I built myself. I love to ski and ride my mountain bike. I probably drink too much coffee.

I love weddings that are fun and relaxed, where all the planning and wedding admin is left at the door so everyone can enjoy the day. It's great to find couples who are confident to do things their own way and are happy to show their love for one another. On the day I like to blend in like a guest, I'm not going to run the day or direct the proceedings, I work quietly and unobtrusively but I do tend to laugh out loud at the dad jokes during the speeches and if it's a church wedding, I'll probably join in the hymns - I used to be a chorister when I was small and rather more angelic, and it sort of never leaves you!

I believe that it's the real story of your day that will matter to you most as the years go by, and I want to tell that story through beautiful photographs of the genuine moments. If my approach sounds like it would be right for your wedding please Get in touch here. I'd love to hear your plans!